A Book Record on The Silver Chalice by Thomas B. Costain

The Silver Chalice by Thomas B. Costain is usually a magnificent story which occurs about two decades after Jesus ascended into Heaven. It tells of what sort of son named Basil was used by a wealthy merchant. But, when the rich merchant passed away, Basil’s cousin stole Basil’s inheritance; and built him a slave. Over time he was to end up being rescued, married, and to regain his inheritance.


The story begins when a abundant merchant known as Ignatius asked Theron, a seller of pens, if he was ready to offer Ambrose up for adoption. The reason why he chose Ambrose was because Ignatius treasured the talent which enabled Ambrose to build such amazing masterpieces of silver, clay, and wood. Theron offered his boy Ambrose up for adoption limited to one explanation, because he was as well poor to take proper care of him. They made sure that the task of the adoption was used to the letter of regulations of the Twelve Tables. As a proof the adoption, Ignatius gave each one of the witnesses a belt. The brand of Basil( Ignatius changed Ambrose’s brand to Basil honoring his father), and the time. Basil loved his innovative father, and became incredibly devoted to hi

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Basil’s father passed away around three years following the adoption. Basil was heart broken. Possibly the servants grieved of his loss of life. However the only person who was filled up with ecstasy after hearing the news headlines, was Linus. He was Basil’s cousin. Minor did Basil understand how much his heart would harden against his cousin.

Linus wanted the rich inheritance of his