A Comparison of Eve Speaks by Louis Untermeyer and Paradise Shed by John Milton

Eve Speaks Paradise Lost During the period of time, there were many interpretations of man's fall from grace, as informed by the Bible. Among the literary interpretations happen to be those of John Milton's Paradise Shed and the American poet Louis Untermeyer's "Eve Speaks." John Milton's epic poem handles the whole tale of man's fall from grace, including history for Satan's motives.

Louis Untermeyer's "Eve Speaks" was discussed Eve's thoughts, a long time after she was pressured to keep Eden. While both poems derive from the same biblical root, they offer

different interpretations of man's fall through Eve's motives, her attitude toward Adam,

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and her attitude toward her sin. In Paradise Shed, Eve was tricked by Satan, who assumed

the kind of a serpent, into ingesting from the Tree of Know-how. Satan had whispered into

her ear canal when she was asleep, so when he spoke to her later on, he utilized his cunning to mislead


He finished, and his words replete with guile

Into her center too easy access won.

Fixed on the fruit she gazed, which to behold

Might tempt by itself, and in her ears the audio