A Conversation on the Discrimination Against PEOPLE WHO HAVE HIV/AIDS

Avert (n.d.), HIV & AIDS stigma and discrimination, Retrieved February 20, 2015, from http://www.avert.org/hiv-aids-stigma-and-discrimination.htm

This source explores different ways to get over stigma and discrimination against persons with HIV/Helps and change people’s frame of mind toward HIV/Helps. It informs the reader that may be accomplished through legal processes, like enforcing the privileges of the persons with HIV and impose a legislation that fights the discrimination and stigma against these folks. But this source as well argues that coverage and law by itself cannot combat this HIV/Helps related discrimination unless the contemporary society really changes its method of perceiving the problem. Because of this the sources insist upon the need for AIDS education, that allows persons to comprehend the illness and its own effect better. I believe that, initially and foremost, this source is very reliable because it originates from an established association that is focused on the eradication of HIV-related stigma and discrimination. Consequently, it will need to have a clear understanding of the problem and viable answers to this problem. I also feel just like the solutions here are incredibly practical and in addition seem to be effective. For me, this sources serves very well as a basic starting place for further exploration on other solutions and in addition proposes the first alternative to the issue: changing people’s attitude and perception.

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