A Literary Examination of this article Against the Legalization of Medications by James Q. Wilson

The Question of Legalizing Drugs?

Drug legalization is an enduring query that presently faces our scholars. This matter embraces two positions: prescription drugs shouldn't be legalized and drugs should be legalized. Both of these positions contain a range of angles that supports each concern. This brief of the problems allows one to consider the strengths and weakness of every argument, notice the lands of disagreement and arrangement and finally form an opinion based after the positions explained within the articles.

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In the article В“Against the Legalization of DrugsВ”, by James Q. Wilson, the current status of medications is reinforced. Wilson believes if a drug such as heroin had been legalized there will be no financial or medical reason in order to avoid heroin usage; as a result, anybody could afford it (367). Wilson explained that during 1960В's, British physicians were allowed to recommend heroin to addicts before number of addicts heightened fivefold. He argued that cocaine isn't a В“victimless crime.В” Addicts victimize kids by neglect and spouses by not offering (370). Wilson upholds that illegality of prescription drugs increases crime because users have to pay for their behavior (372). He believes the advantage of against the law drugs could it be forces sufferers who enter under legal compulsion to total their treatment because of the pressure and drug-education courses in the schools (374). Wilson is convinced the difference between nicotine and cocaine can be that while tobacco shortens oneВ's existence, cocaine debase it and destroys the addicts humanity (375).

WilsonР’'s argument is solid because he demonstrates his understanding of the subject and supports it with various clear, scientific information and historical examples of drug usage.