An Analysis of the annals and Relevance of Unions in the current Society

History of Unions and Their Relevance in the current Society

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of Unions and Their Relevance in the current Society

Following the lead of Britain from where

many of the initial settlers came, employees in a variety of occupations banded

together to form unions. Ship authors, boat builders, tailors, bakers and

carpenters were one of the primary craft unions type in Australia before 1848.

By forming an association employees could

obtain better wages and working conditions. Nevertheless the employers wanted

the highest profit margins so wanted to maintain wages low and spend little

money on the working environment. Regulations of source and demand in the labour

market often motivated which group was dominant.

A third element in the total amount in Australia

was the government. An effective strike by newspaper personnel in 1829 for

better wages and conditions led to the Masters and Servants Action being

implemented which discriminated against the employees, who could possibly be gaoled