An Argument Against Women of all ages Being Permitted to Play on Male Activities Teams

Topic: Should women be permitted to play on male activities teams?

Method of Production: What physical and mental distinctions do males and females have which can affect the overall game or moral?

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Tentative Thesis: As much as mental and physical features are worried, men and women are not created similarly. Neither is superior, on the other hand, the differences between a guy and a female could affect how they take part in competitive sports.

I. Introductory Paragraph: Use types of differences/stereotypes. Women's soccer removing shirt after winning video game/ vs. men's game. Females want to compete w/men to earn much more respect and be treated equally. Insert thesis. Finish off with a few factors of support from down below for transition.

II. Support Paragraphs: Mental and Physical differences

A. Men have significantly more endurance.

1. It is scientifically verified that women typically tire before guys in aerobic exercise.

2. So can be the lengths of the quarters, intervals, suits etc. shortened to women's games?

B. Men are stronger and faster

1. Teams will be competitively uneven when Guys outnumber women.

2. Women might complain of discrimination when selected for the lesser positions.

C. Exactly what will be done to avoid problems for women's chests?

1. List sports where special