An Examination of The Persistence of Memory space, a Painting by Salvador Dali

The Persistence of Storage by Salvador Dali on web page 428 can be one his most distinguished

works. It is an Essential oil on Canvas 9 1/2 x 13 and was painted in 1931. Dali uses many types of

media in this photo to portray the imagery he wanted.

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The First media I known was chiaroscuro. The artwork begins from a bright white and

blue in the top left hand part and eventually ends up fading into darkness. You will find a large figure with a

clock draped over it before the fade to darkness which might symbolize a time in the artists

life in which he was being that his thoughts were fading and dropping into blackness.

The Second media I seen was trompe loeil. This is most noticed with the

seemingly melted watches representing period or recollection draping off a desk and a tree. It is

really a barren landscape with 4 clocks, a desk, fake tree, a blue rectangular mass, and some

mountains in the background. Perhaps he is striving to symbolize his thoughts and memories and

how he was feeling about them at