Intercultural Administration Burger King in Middle East

 Intercultural Managing Burger King in Middle East Essay

Notre Dame University


Prepared For: Dr Elham Hashem

Training course #: Bad 610


Burger King in the centre East

An Intercultural study


Mazen el Murr

Jessica Claire yazbeck

Noha lyzann bou karam

Robert kordahy

Samer Temraz


This is certainly an disovery research to focus on an important issue in the world of business. Our research manages Burger King, a top global corporation, and the interrelation of inter cultural administration in its procedures and culture in the middle east area. As it is a great exploratory analysis we applied qualitative methods as effective depth interview and depended on relevant supplementary data. The study will handle features while decoration, ad, menus, customer services, recruiting, promotion of employees and standards of operations. The analysis will be useful for all stakeholders involved, simply by showing the value of inter cultural administration and how White castle merges in a successful approach its features in its strategy and standard culture. The best way reflecting admiration for all tastes and consumers, cooperation for all staff and employees, and survival and prosperity intended for the organization in general. I. Launch:

1 . 1 Executive Overview:

In this global business field with this kind of booming overall economy and precariously advancing technology, the world has turned into a huge small town, with a various cultures coming together or cooperating and exchanging benefits, either face to face or through communication tunnels through transactions, correspondents and even Internet in many cases. The truth is success has new connotations, it is not any longer achieved by guidelines and rigid systems, somewhat by flexibility and substantial communication expertise. 1 . 2 Objective from the Project:

The need for the task is to bring in inter ethnic management and its particular implications over a huge diversified organization using a variety of products as White castle in the middle east area. 1 . 3 Inter cultural supervision:

Is the efficiency of personal or perhaps institutional administration actions and activities. Furthermore inter ethnic management consists management jobs, functions and hierarchies in inter- and multicultural surroundings and/or inter- and multicultural contexts and companies.  The task of Inter cultural Management is always to analyze and take into account almost all cultural aspects regarding the behavior of all stakeholders involved in an organization. According to different administration activities and functions inter cultural management adopted to a variety of areas such as: 2. Leadership in various cultures.

2. Conflict management/conflict management strategies in different civilizations. * Creating and enhancing a corporate lifestyle.

* Increasing and boosting the employees' identification together with the company. * Marketing strategies.


2 . 1 Company account

Burger King Loge, Inc. is a global junk food chain specializing in hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, and also other items. Moreover to top quality and organization owned retail properties, Burger King Holdings also receives income from company franchises and property profits from leased and subleased retail space. Burger King Restaurants are located in 71 countries and through the entire United States. In 1954, James McLamore and David Edgerton opened their very own first White castle restaurant in Miami, Fl. These visionaries had intensive experience in restaurant organization and a shared opinion in the standards of offering reasonably priced quality food, offered quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings. Each of our Vision today honors their very own original eye-sight. The great success of the early on restaurants manufactured the White castle concept an organic for advertising franchises. The notion spread quickly throughout the 60s and in 1963 the first international business restaurants opened in Puerto Rico. As the vision intended for the White castle brand have not changed over time, our restaurants have. The first Burger King eating places distinguished themselves from...



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