4DEP College student TMA

 4DEP Pupil TMA Essay

4DEP Analysis 1

Brand: Stephen Paxton

UnitВ TitleВ

UnitВ CodeВ


CreditВ valueВ

AssessmentВ methodВ

DevelopingВ YourselfВ asВ anВ EffectiveВ HumanВ

ResourcesВ orВ LearningВ andВ DevelopmentВ



WrittenВ answersВ toВ questionsВ

Learning outcomes: ​


ActivityВ 1В

(Note: В TheВ CIPDВ HumanВ ResourcesВ ProfessionВ MapВ (HRPM)В canВ beВ accessedВ at: В В

www.cipd.co.uk/cipdВ­hrВ­profession/hrВ­professionВ­map/exploreВ­map.aspx​ В )В В

WriteВ aВ reportВ inВ whichВ you: В В

в—Џ brieflyВ summariseВ theВ HRPMВ (i. e. В theВ 2В coreВ professionalВ areas, В theВ remainingВ 1 ) 1В

professionalВ areas, В theВ bandsВ andВ theВ behaviours)В В

в—Џ commentВ onВ theВ activitiesВ andВ knowledgeВ specifiedВ withinВ anyВ 1В professionalВ В

area,  at ​

either ​

bandВ 1В orВ bandВ 2, В identifyingВ thoseВ youВ considerВ mostВ essentialВ В

toВ yourВ ownВ (orВ otherВ identified)В HRВ role. В

ActivityВ 2В

WithВ referenceВ toВ yourВ ownВ (orВ otherВ identified)В HRВ role, В outlineВ howВ anВ HRВ practitionerВ В shouldВ ensureВ theВ servicesВ theyВ provideВ areВ timelyВ andВ effective. В В YouВ shouldВ include: В В в—Џ understandingВ customerВ needsВ (includeВ examplesВ ofВ 3В differentВ customersВ 2 . 1В

andВ 1В needВ forВ each, В andВ explainВ howВ youВ wouldВ prioritiseВ conflictingВ needs)В В

в—Џ effectiveВ communicationВ (includeВ examplesВ ofВ 3В differentВ communicationВ 2 . 2В

methodsВ andВ theВ advantagesВ andВ disadvantagesВ ofВ each)В В

в—Џ effectiveВ serviceВ deliveryВ (include: В deliveringВ serviceВ onВ time, В deliveringВ installment payments on your 3В

serviceВ onВ budget, В dealingВ withВ difficultВ customers, В handlingВ andВ resolvingВ В


ActivityВ 3В

Notice: В CIPDВ AssociateВ MembershipВ CriteriaВ canВ beВ downloadedВ at ​ www.cipd.co.uk/В

Membership/transformingmembership/NewВ­membershipВ­criteria/aboutВ­associateВ­member. htm​ )В

a few. 2В

в—Џ UndertakeВ aВ selfВ­assessmentВ againstВ theВ CIPDВ AssociateВ MembershipВ criteria, В В identifyingВ anyВ areasВ youВ needВ toВ developВ inВ orderВ toВ meetВ them. В В В

● Using a template,  such as ​


, В

three or more. 4В

deviseВ aВ planВ toВ meetВ yourВ developmentВ needs, В includingВ thoseВ identifiedВ В

above, В andВ theВ achievementВ ofВ yourВ CIPDВ qualification. В В TheВ planВ shouldВ beВ В

forВ aВ minimumВ ofВ 6В months. В В

3. 1В

в—Џ DiscussВ yourВ planВ withВ (orВ provideВ aВ writtenВ noteВ to)В yourВ tutorВ explainingВ whyВ 3. 3В

youВ believeВ CPDВ toВ beВ importantВ andВ explainingВ atВ leastВ 2В ofВ theВ optionsВ youВ В

consideredВ forВ meetingВ yourВ developmentВ needs. В

ActivityВ 4В

DuringВ theВ periodВ ofВ yourВ studies, В reflectВ onВ yourВ performanceВ againstВ theВ plan, В 3. 5В

includingВ learningВ gainedВ fromВ eachВ unitВ ofВ yourВ qualification, В andВ addВ reflectiveВ В

AllВ activitiesВ shouldВ beВ completedВ


one particular

StephenВ PaxtonВ

4DEP Assessment one particular

commentsВ toВ theВ plan. В В AsВ youВ progress, В identifyВ anyВ furtherВ developmentВ needsВ andВ В

reviseВ yourВ planВ accordingly. В В

EvidenceВ toВ beВ producedВ В

ActivitiesВ 1В & В 2В

ReportВ ofВ approximatelyВ 1500В wordsВ

ActivityВ 3В

AВ DevelopmentВ Plan/RecordВ

Tutor's written confirmation that the Development Plan has been discussed (​ OR​

aВ writtenВ explanatoryВ

noteВ fromВ theВ learner). В

ActivityВ 4В

WrittenВ recordsВ ofВ onВ­goingВ reflectionВ and, В whereВ appropriate, В revisionВ ofВ theВ planВ toВ includeВ furtherВ developmentВ needsВ andВ solutions. В В (NB: В ActivityВ 4В willВ thereforeВ notВ beВ completeВ untilВ theВ endВ ofВ theВ program. )В

four DEP Assessment Guidance


The explanation should refer to the HRPM, and include a summary of the HRPM (particularly the 2 primary professional areas) and an explanation of the actions and expertise, at both band a couple of, of ​

any one​

of the specialist areas.

AIR CONDITIONING UNIT 2 . one particular

Learners should certainly identify three or more users of HR providers and one particular need for every. They should as well explain how conflicting needs would be recognized and prioritised. Learners should identify 3 methods and advantages and disadvantages of each. The information should include: providing service punctually; delivering support within spending budget;...

References: CIPD.  (2015).  ​

CIPD Profession Map. ​

CIPD.  (2015).  ​

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Charles Leatherbarrow and Janet Fletcher (2014).  ​

IntroductionВ toВ HumanВ ResourceВ

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CIPD.  (2015).  ​



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