A Comparison of Telkom and Absa Hours Policies

 A Comparison of Telkom and Absa Human resources Policies Article


1 . Introduction3

2 . Brief description of Telkom and ABSA3

installment payments on your 1 Telkom3

2 . 2 ABSA4

3. Comparison of Telkom and Absa5

3. one particular Induction techniques in both equally organisations5

3. 2 Development5

3. 2 . 1 Organisation analysis5

three or more. 2 . a couple of Task analysis6

3. 2 . 3 Person analysis6

several. 3 Measurement and reward7

4. Recommendations8

5. References8

1 . Launch

This report stems away of a demand by Scotch to prepare a study comparing and contrasting many ways in which Telkom approaches debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction, support, teaching and creation, performance analysis and improvement interventions, to that particular of Absa. The survey will in short , describe the two organisations, compare and contrast the debut ? initiation ? inauguration ? introduction processes in both organisations, describe and evaluate the ways development demands are determined and attained in every organisation, speaking about the reasons for virtually any differences, go over how specific performance can be measured and rewarded, and identify adjustments that Telkom could consider as a result of the comparative analysis. 2 . Brief information of Telkom and ABSA

2 . 1 Telkom

Telkom Group is To the south Africa's incumbent telecommunication service supplier, which has launched into aggressive broadband deployment and customer centricity strategies seeking to be Africa's leading ICT solutions company. Telkom offers telephony providers, internet solutions, managed data networking, info hosting, THAT security and virtual private network solutions. Telkom is a corporate organisation with 3 different sections and, on the JSE and NYSE. Telkom's core technique is to defend and develop profitable earnings, while handling costs. Telkom seeks to defend profitable income by providing outstanding, customized alternatives that meet the needs of consumer, organization and low cost customers, although employing twenty-three, 520 a lot of the time employees, five. 5% less than the previous year, with the majority (68%) in operational and support roles; a further 21% in remedies roles and 11% in managerial positions. Group operating revenue while reported inside the 2009 annual report was R35. on the lookout for billion. Telkom's Vision

Becoming Africa's desired ICT service provider by:

Customers recognising Telkom as their mass when selecting ICT interaction solutions Employees viewing Telkom as the most liked employer in the ICT industry Shareholders with regards to Telkom like a company that gives competitive comes back Government & the Limiter considering Telkom as a dependable & sincere enabler of the economy Suppliers recognising Telkom as a respected partner in delivering brilliant ICT services The community distinguishing Telkom as a liable, caring & trustworthy To the south African organization Mission

Telkom SA Limited is a leading South African-based international ICT services group focused on long-term profitability through growth in existing & new marketplaces by: Providing differentiated superior quality fixed, wi-fi & converged products & services immediately or through our subsidiaries & lovers Striving intended for excellence in serving the valued household retail & wholesale, along with international customers Achieving unprecedented organic and natural growth of existing assets Targeting acquisitions & new relationships to achieve primary strategies Acting as a dependable & patient corporate resident

Telkom's Core Beliefs

We are:

Inspired to deliver benefit to consumers

Meeting the needs of shoppers is each of our core inspiration

Dedicated to acuto & good performance

Varied, positive, in-line & ardent people

Determined to continuously boost

Learning, changing & innovating to own the future

Committed to act with integrity.

Genuine, empathetic & approachable in all of the we carry out

Info obtained from Telkom's Investor associations website for https://secure1.telkom.co.za/ir/, and Telkom webpage: http://www.telkom.co.za/about_us/vision_and_value.html reached on several October 2009.

2 . 2 ABSA

The Absa Group Limited (Absa), listed on the JSE...

References: 1 ) Telkom internal HR web page. Website. https://secure1.telkom.co.za/ir/ Accessed on 7 March 2009

2 . Telkom Trader relations. Internet site. http://www.telkom.co.za/about_us/vision_and_value.html. Utilized on 7 Oct 2009

3. Absa Investor relations. Website. http://www.absa.co.za/absacoza/content.jsp?/Home/All-About-Absa/All-About-Absa/About-the-Absa-Group/Absa-Overview. Accessed upon 7 April 2009

some. The ET business Institution, The practice of management, Block two (2006) Andrea Cameron

five. Correspondence with SIPHOKAZI SAZONA, an employee in Absa




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