a& p part 10

 a l chapter 12 Essay

Chapter 10-12: Worried System & Special Senses

1 . Many myelinated nerve fibers appear

a. light.

b. grey.

c. dark brown.

d. clear.

Answer: A

2 . Which will of the subsequent lists the parts of a reflex arc in the appropriate sequence? a. receptor, sensory neuron, engine neuron, interneuron, effector n. effector, radio, sensory neuron, motor neuron, interneuron c. effector, sensory neuron, receptor, interneuron, motor neuron d. receptor, sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron, effector Solution: D

3. When a nerve fiber is definitely polarized, the concentration of

a. sodium and potassium ions is higher inside its membrane. b. sodium and potassium ions is definitely higher on the outside of its membrane. c. sodium ions is bigger on the inside of the membrane and potassium ions is higher on the outside. deb. sodium ions is higher on the outside of its membrane layer and potassium ions can be higher on the inside. Answer: Deb

4. Saltatory conduction

a. occurs only when the myelin sheath is continuous.

b. occurs only when nodes of Ranvier lack.

c. can be faster than conduction by using an unmyelinated fiber.

d. is definitely slower than conduction by using an unmyelinated dietary fiber.

Answer: C

5. The most rapid neurological impulses will be conducted about fibers which have been a. thick and myelinated.

b. heavy and unmyelinated.

c. thin and myelinated.

d. slim and unmyelinated.

Answer: A

6. The nervous program

a. detects changes in the inner or exterior environment. b. controls the movement of muscles and secretions of glands. c. integrates information from a lot of sources and uses this to make the right response. m. all of the previously mentioned

Answer: M

7. Which in turn of the next neurotransmitters functions to relieve soreness sensations? a. beta-endorphin

w. acetylcholine

c. epinephrine

deb. dopamine

Solution: A

8. What is the proper sequence of these events stated in this article a threshold potential? 1 ) The membrane layer becomes depolarized.

2 . Sodium channels open and sodium ions diffuse inward.

three or more. The membrane layer becomes repolarized.

4. Potassium channels available and potassium ions diffuse outward. a. 3, two, 4, you

b. a couple of, 1, 4, 3

c. 1, a couple of, 4, three or more

d. some, 1, three or more, 2

Solution: B

on the lookout for. Most of the neurons in the brain and spinal-cord are

a. bipolar.

n. unipolar

c. multipolar.

deb. nonpolar

Solution: C

12. Reflexes assist to control

a. heart rate.

m. blood pressure.

c. digestive actions.

d. all the above

Answer: D

10. An infant's response to stimuli are rough and undifferentiated because the nerve fibres a. have never yet appeared.

b. are incapable of transporting impulses.

c. have not yet developed cable connections to the human brain.

d. are generally not completely myelinated.

Answer: M

12. During an action potential, calcium ions cause

a. potassium channels to open.

b. potassium programs to close.

c. sodium programs to open.

d. sodium stations to close.

Response: D

13. A decreased blood vessels calcium attention is likely to be along with a. tetanic skeletal muscle spasms.

b. paralysis of bone muscles.

c. loss of calciferol.

d. diarrhea.

Answer: A

14. Drugs that decrease membrane permeability to sodium

a. are used as neighborhood anesthetics.

b. prevent neurological impulses by passing.

c. cause a damage in the understanding of pain.

d. all the above

Response: D

15. The Babinski reflex, in which the great bottom extends way up and the small toes fan apart, a. may show immaturity from the corticospinal system.

b. may indicate an accident to the corticospinal tract.

c. is abnormal in adults.

d. all of the above

Answer: D

16. 3 general features of the worried system are

a. sensory, motor, and predictive.

m. integrative, engine, and sensory.

c. predictive, manipulative, and integrative.

m. reflexive, sensory, and predictive.

Answer: N

17. Myelin is defined as

a. an external membrane on a neuroglial cell.

b. a lipoprotein cell membrane on the outside of axons.

c. a mass of white lipid material that surrounds the cell physique of a neuron. d....



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