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MGC 4013

Business Plan


Prof. Madya Doctor Kalsom Bt Abd Wahab

Member Group:

Muhammad Shukri Bin Sahari 1080077

Amirul Nizam B Hamat Kamis1080079

Mohd Arif Bin Hamzah1080059

Ahmad Syubaili bin Mohamed1080078

Mohd Rafizi Bin Ruslan 1080064

Abdul Aziz Rubbish bin Mohamad 1080069


Gede Sport Middle is established because of the review and analysis made by the Nilai Sport Enterprise to include another service for the folks in Gede, Salak Gede and Sepang. The plan generated for this organization is because of the increasing potential and demand of futsal. The Nilai Sport Centre will start to operate fully upon January 2012. The aspect that experienced influenced the establishment of the business is because of the demand from the futsal game that is increasing and also the want of creating a new place pertaining to the teenagers to hang out at. To start the task, we need enough capital to help make the cash flow as well as the operation smooth. We need bank loan about RM 70 000 and money from the talk about holder. Ahead of deciding to produce the business, survey and research are done to expose the potential of this kind of business. The people and lifestyle of the people, especially the young adults in Harga, Salak Banyak and Sepang will business lead Nilai Sport Center to be the choice intended for the young adults and adults also and thus, make the business profitable.


Executive Summary

Name of organization: Nilai Sport Centre

Nature of organization: Services

Market profile: Sports (futsal)

Location of the business: Harga Sport Centre

Kawasan perindustrian Nilai 3, 71800 Nilai Negri Sembilan Darul Khusus

Date of organization commencement: January 2012

Elements in picking the recommended business:

1 . Nowadays, futsal is starting to gain popularity in the culture. It is receiving attention by many people people right now especially by the teenagers also adults. Therefore , business that may be based on this sport could be profitable. 2 . Demand and potential for this kind of sport are increasing and turn more attractive among teenagers and adults. several. The good facilities around the location can be the appeal for people to see the center. some. Based on survey had been done, students and in addition adults in Nilai, Salak Tinggi and Sepang want a futsal hub that are comfortable and have every one of the facilities required such as changing room to get female and male, café and so on. five. Strategic location where local to universities and college or university. 6. Lack of recreational or perhaps sport hub in Nilai, Salak Banyak and Sepang.

Future prospects of the business:

1 . The Nilai Sport Enterprise plans to open up another franchise after 3 years of operating this business. 2 . The Nilai Sport Enterprise are able to buy its premise in 3 years after the operation of Nilai Sport Center so that it will not have to rent for any premise intended for the business. several. Futsal organization will consistently get place in the society for it is suitable for now and in the future forward. Therefore , this kind of business contains a good opportunity to gain abundance. Company twigs for this business can be developed at other areas where the areas are given interest by teens and adults. COMPANY BACKDROP

Name of business: Nilai Sport Centre

Organization address: Kawasan perindustrian Harga 3, 71800 Nilai Negri Sembilan Darul Khusus Communication address: email: [email protected] com

Website: Telephone number: 06-6573564 (office)...



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