Consumerism: Credit Cards and folks

 Consumerism: Credit Cards and People Article

Zeynep Ekin Türker

Sema Keşkekçi



A statistic shows that in 1950, there is one car for every fifty people however in 2009, you will discover more than one car for every 14 people in America. This kind of example displays the elevating effect of consumerism by the end with the 20th 100 years. According to Cambridge Dictionary, consumerism is the situation in which in turn too much attention is given to buying andowning things. In the mild of this classification, it can be figured consumerism generally leads to materialism since materialists claim that joy can be increased through ordering and spending as well�. It is inescapable that generally there exist a dissidence among people about this issue. Authors like Juliet Schor, Annie Leonard and Danielle Todd support consumerism is a enemy whereas Peter Saunders and James Twitchell, advocates the concept consumerism can be described as friend. Consumerism has many adverse outcomes like overspending, overworking, credit card debt, social and economic problems etc . These kinds of negative aspects of consumerism will be in bulk therefore consumerism is a foe. Consumerism can be described as foe because it causes overworking by causing the insatiable nature of human. Every person aims to reach a good, skilled life and this ambition triggers competition among people. As Annie Leonard mentions, we certainly have become a land of consumers (9). The reason behind this case is exactly the competitive lifestyle circumstances, each person buys a growing number of to be the greatest. It is identified that individual has an insatiable nature by simply birth and the consumerist program triggers this kind of stimulation significantly since persons do not wish to stay out from the competition. Todd states that consumers are conscious of the insatiable nature of consumerism, yet recognize that within their society it's the only conceivable way to have (1). One of the most negative aspect of consumerism emerges at that point; as consumers cannot be fulfilled with the products they ingest there occurs a group which tucks people in a trap. The empty and miserable customers buy more and more goods with the expectation of finding completion and achieving the best. For example, a young gentleman buys an iphone and just 3 months later he sees his friend's Iphone 5 accessories and determines to buy an apple iphone 5 immediately for reaching his pal's level. To purchase more, this kind of man appreciated to work exceedingly so his lifestyle passes with heavy doing work conditions. According to Leonard, this situation creates a crazy work-watch-spend treadmill (13). This ring damages peoples' lives as it is almost impossible to get rid of this kind of circle as a result of unsatisfied characteristics of individual. With the presence of this circle, people develop into robots, they can think whatever except cash, working and shopping. Sooner or later, people's internal and physical healths will be damaged as a result of stress, they may become tired, they just do not have individual times, they don't have any hobbies, they will drift besides nature and get trapped into departmental stores etc . In brief, it can be said that consumerism can be described as foe because it triggers the unsatisfied mother nature of people and ensnare their very own lives with the work-watch-spend group of friends. Advertisements trigger the problem of overspending which can be the most mischievous outcome of consumerism. Advertisements have several functions like identifiying brands, supplying details, persuasion previewing new developments etc . nevertheless persuasion is the foremost function which can be related with consumerism. Advertisements and consumerism definitely have a good correlation as powerful and visual promoting directs customers to purchase services and goods. As Juliet Schor says, it can be stated that the developing importance of television causes consumerism (1). This demonstrates that folks who view television are more likely to purchasing more. Schor also asserts that an avarage level of TV watching of 15 several hours a week equals nearly $3, 000 per year (1). So that it can be figured...

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