Offense Reporting and Victimization

 Crime Credit reporting and Victimization Essay

Offense Reports and Victimization

Andy Epperly

CJS/235 11/23/2014 Cathy Arrowsmith Crime Information and Victimization

Criminal offenses reporting and victimization move hand in hand. With out victims there is less studies of offense, and without offense reporting there would not be a valid way of gaging crime rates and quantity of possible victims. However , its not all victim reviews the offense, making the reporting of all crimes almost impossible. Crime Revealing

A crime report is a method of knowing the volume of crime committed within a city, town, state and a way of understanding by which contest, age, and gender. The crime report can come several sources. A source of crime reports could be the Uniformed Offense Reports (UCR). Law enforcement over a state, city, and region level record crimes towards the UCR. The UCR is known as a helpful method in letting law enforcement trade information linked to crime with the hope to help stop future criminal activity.  (Robert, 2013). There is on the other hand a negative facet of the UCR, it just reports criminal activity reported. If the victim or witness of a crime fail to report the UCR would have no idea than it happening. These kind of crimes are seen as the dark statistics of offense.

There is also the assistance of the Nationwide Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). The Countrywide Crime Victimization Survey is a way of possibly having those dark figure crimes reported. (Robert, 2013). The NCVS, unlike the UCR, concentrate more for the victims. Likewise, the NCVS focus more on rapes, assaults, robbery, car theft, personal and household larceny, and theft. (Robert, 2013). Robert (2013) stated, " In addition to tracking and compiling violent crime stats, the FBI assists neighborhood agencies in apprehending chaotic offenders by simply operating the Violent Legal Apprehension Program (VICAP). ” The Chaotic Criminal Pressure Program is regarded as one of the main stocks containing main crimes in America. (" The FBI Fbi ",  2014). VICAP is also a great way of involving different agencies within an investigation. This is especially helpful if the offender features travelled to multiple states. Victimization

When it comes to victimization there are many different hypotheses and types of subjects. Mendelsohn points out his theory through " situational victimization factors. ” (Robert, 2013). Basically this boils down to the victim coming to the wrong place, around various other offenders, or in a high crime area. Hentig prefers to describe victims with " personal factors linked to victimization. ” (Robert, 2013). Hentig believes things such as, someone's social position, childhood, or perhaps mental/emotional condition determine all their likely engine becoming a victim. Lastly we now have Sellin and Wolfgang theory that conditions determine someone becoming a sufferer. When considering all of the different types of victims in existence, it is important to remember the issues they experienced to be branded a victim. Although subjects may come your situation more robust, so victims still choose to keep the crime to themselves. We prefer to think to themselves, " Why would an individual keep a crime amongst themselves? ” A victim may have had a horrific earlier experience with police and truly feel they would end up being unsuccessful or not take the specific situation seriously. The victim may think the crime could be better handle individually, or which the crime is a personal matter. There is also associated with the patient feeling they can receive retaliation for revealing the crime. A victim could potentially encounter long or short term difficulties after having a crime is committed against them. That they could proceed through physical, mental, or psychological turmoil. Likewise, depending on the crime, some victims may proceed through post-traumatic stress disorder. They could even knowledge rape stress disorder or perhaps battered girl...

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