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I Was A Teenage Red Guard

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Issue 168

new internationalist

concern 170 - April 1987

Image: Rory Dell / Camera Press

I used to be a adolescent Red Guard

Fanatics prepared to commit violence and denounce anyone in the name of communism -- or characters who sacrificed personal ease and comfort to be employed by the greater very good? Conflicting pictures of the Crimson Guards summed up European confusion about Mao's Chinese suppliers. Mo Bo remembers what it was really want to be a Reddish Guard. When the Cultural Revolution reached my personal school in 1966 I used to be 14. Initially, classes were interrupted every now and then; the educators began to be concerned and would not know what to complete. Then, over night, wall paper prints appeared almost everywhere. We all had taken it without any consideration that the elderly students had written the paper prints and that the just thing we could do was admire these people. Most of the posters were just empty slogans but a single depicted our geology teacher as a 'dirty bourgeois intellectual' because he would make sure that water temperature was exactly the same since that of his body whenever he laundered. He was also criticized for his 'yellow' diaries that were searched away by the effective 'rebels' (he was therefore eccentric we all believed there must be something bourgeois about him). In one of his diary entries he recalled his connection with sitting beside a plump lady within a bus. The poor bachelor composed that it was 'very comfortable' to feel that lady's flesh. In that case, following the example of the students in Beijing, we formed an 'Organization of Red Guards'. Everybody desired to join the Red Protections because no person wanted to become 'unqualified', 'backward' and ' non-revolutionary '. I was one of the first to join because, being from a poor peasant's family, my own background was supposed to be 'clear'. We all liked having not any classes and degrading the teachers. 'The teacher will take the student because the opponent and uses examinations because weapons to attack the student' -- the fact it turned out Chairman Mao who had explained this supposed a great deal. Inside the...



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