Erasmus Impact

 Erasmus Impact Essay

The Erasmus Effect Study

Effects of mobility within the skills

and employability of students

and the internationalisation

better education organizations


and Culture

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Sept 2014


The Erasmus Impact Research

Effects of freedom on the abilities and

employability of pupils and the

internationalisation of higher education


Service Contract signed with the European Commission



This kind of document has been prepared to get the European Commission; yet , it displays the landscapes only of the authors, as well as the Commission can not be held responsible for just about any use which might be made of the info contained therein.

September 2014


The team

Team head:

Uwe Brandenburg, PhD (CHE Consult)

Study team market leaders (in minuscular order of surnames):

Dr . Sonja Berghoff (CHE)

(leader of the quantitative team)

Doctor Obdulia Taboadela (CGU)

(leader of the qualitative team)

Exploration team members (in alphabetical buy of surnames):

Lukas Bischof (CHE Consult)

Joanna Gajowniczek (CHE Consult)

Anna Gehlke (CHE Consult)

Cort-Denis Hachmeister (CHE)

Zan Ilieski (CHE Consult)

Hannah Leichsenring (CHE Consult)

Nilai Petrova (CHE Consult)

Dr . Mihaela Lenuta Vancea (CGU)

Consortium associates (in logogrammatic order of surnames): Noelia Cantero (BES)

Koen Delaere (BES)

Stefan Jahnke (ESN)

Jean-Pierre Roose (CGU)

Lucia Castro Souto (CGU)

Brikena Xhomaqi (ESN)

Consortium leader:

CHE Seek advice from

Consortium Partners:

Brussels Education Services (BES)

Centrum fГјr Hochschulentwicklung (CHE)

Compostela Band of Universities (CGU)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Such a large-scale analyze cannot be conducted without the support and help of various individuals and organisations that have been not portion of the original pool. The team want to take this possibility to express the gratitude to those who, through their engagement, made this analyze possible.

Sept. 2010 2014


Advisory plank:

The EIS team is very grateful to all or any who decided to accompany the project since advisors. The members with the Advisory Board were: Hans de Wit, who not only acted being a

very active member of the Advisory

Board, but also gave intensive and

significant feedback on the final survey;

Patricia Sobre Clopper from Utrecht Network;

Jonathan Hooley from the Hub National

des Г‰tudes PГ©dagogiques (CIEP);

Hermosa Johnson in the International

Company for Interpersonal Studies (ISS);

Erich Thaler from the School of Basel;

and Wioletta Wegorovska coming from




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