Assessing the Functional Capacity of Older Adults

 Assessing the Functional Capacity of Old Adults Essay


Assessment of the

Elderly Adult

Efficient Assessment

• Expanding inhabitants of more mature adults

• Care given- home, hospital, offices, nursing

homes, & other adjustments

• Target of Useful Assessment• 1 ) Identify strong points & restrictions • installment payments on your Promote self-reliance

• 3. Prevents Functional Decline

Useful Ability

• Ones capacity to perform actions to live in


• Examples- ADL's, personal tasks, traveling, etc…

• Incorporates: psychological & physical

status, and also social & physical environment

• Functional Assessment- very subjective and goal


• Gives provider a baseline pertaining to continuing


Three Domains

•1. ADL's

•2. A key component Activities of

Daily Living

•3. Mobility

Activities of Everyday living

• Duties necessary for self-care

• Equipment

• -Katz Index, Barthel Index, the Functional

Self-reliance Measure, & Rapid Incapacity

Scale a couple of


mh_PFHA/Katz%20ADL_LawtonIADL. pd


Impartial Activities of Daily

LivingAllow for impartial community living

• Shopping, housekeeping, controlling

finances, etc…

• Tools- Lawton IADL instrument, More mature

Americans Resources, Direct Examination

of Practical Abilities


is/try_this_23. pdf


• Statement of the more mature adult

• Tools• Physical Performance Test,

Performance Actions of Everyday living,

and the Get Up and Get Test


c/tools/mobility/getupandgo. pdf

Care-giver Assessment

• Many old adults with functional

impairment live with caregivers

• Important to assess caregivers, as well as

the older adult

• Caregiver burden (burnout)

• Symptoms include somatic complaints,

improved anxiety, social isolation,

depression, wt. damage

• Parent mistreatment may result

Environmental Examination

• Risks in the home

• Safety

• Community environment for basic safety and

simple services

• Driving expertise

• Top quality and...



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