Existential and Expressive Disciplines Therapy

 Existential and Expressive Artistry Therapy Article

Existential and Expressive Arts Therapy

Saré Gebhardt

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Karen Figura

November 30, 2008

Between the later eighties, Shaun McNiff, Sr. Kathleen Burkie and I sitting in a small club in Cleveland, Ohio. It had been after midnight when discussion turned to my personal writing job, this book. Sr. Kathleen asked, " Exactly what is the title likely to be? ” " Well, ” I replied, " the working title is Existential Art Therapy. ” Shaun sighed. " Bruce, you redundant. All art is existential. ” …I have got thought typically of Shaun's admonition. He can right, all art is definitely existential. Most likely that is why the concepts…have held up as the field of health care provides revolutionized, i. e., every art has to do with the basic man experience of existence as it is.

(Moon, 2005, p. xiii)

I use always recently had an interest in existential theory and its particular use in psychotherapy. Every person stocks and shares the experience with those surrounding them of simply living. Existential theory is targeted on " how does a person survive the down sides and deficits of existence, and is that possible to emerge from this kind of experience since fuller, better, stronger human beings? ” (Magnione & Keady, 2007). Apparently expressive arts therapy would help in this process, but just how? Can the arts be used inside the existential structure of psychotherapy? Existential Theory and Psychotherapy

To better appreciate how the expressive arts can be used in this structure, we must fully understand the framework itself. " Existentialism may be the belief that, to find that means and goal in their life, a single must carry out a demanding emotional and spiritual journey” (Kanaly & Slater, 2003). Furthermore, " existentialism provides assumed profound dimensions inside our modern mental and religious belief devices and can be seen in nearly all facets of our culture, particularly art, materials and psychology” (Magnione & Keady, 2007). Magnione, ainsi que al, continue to be explore the concepts inside the movie What Dreams Will come and its relationship to the a muslim of Hieronymus Bosch plus the existential themes that weave the two jointly.

Existential theory started to develop in the The european countries during the 40s and 50s. As industrialization became typical, people were needs to feel even more isolated and alienated (Story, 2007). " As a result of these kinds of feelings of detachment, persons began to definitely pursue what it meant to live their own important life” (Story, 2007). As Corey points out, " turning into human can be described as project, and our job is not so much to discover who also we are, about create ourselves” (2005, p. 132).

Existential theory targets aspects of human being condition that many people usually deny, ignore, or defend against, including personality, isolation, separateness, death, period, choice, freedom, responsibility, and mortality (Yalom, 1980). Through existential remedy, " individuals must discover how to become self-aware, responsible for all their actions, and, above all, to comprehend that seclusion and enduring, while an undeniable fact of life, must be presented without fear or anxiety” (Kanaly & Slater, 2003).

Existential Therapy differs by many of the medical based types of psychotherapy. A great existential specialist does not attempt to " cure” their client. The therapist is a sounding board for the client to reflect upon their lives, their selections and their activities. " (Existential therapy) angles therapeutic practice on an knowledge of what it means being human” (Story, 2007). Existential therapy looks for to take clientele out with their rigid grooves and to concern the narrow and compulsive trends obstructing their freedom. Although this technique gives people a sense of discharge and improved autonomy, their very own new flexibility increases their anxiety…Existential remedy aims at supporting clients face this anxiousness and engage for action that is based upon the real purpose of making a worthy existence. (Corey, 2006, p. 145)

With this kind of understanding of the existential theoretically framework, we could start to part in the expressive arts and how...

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