Strung Fook Tong

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Company Background

Installed Fook New tong/tanga is the biggest herbal tea group in Hk and their Coalition started in eighties. They have more than 700 personnel, 70 herbal tea houses and self-invested production facilities in Hk, a product sales network with extensive coverage in Hk and offshore. The main items of Hung Fook New tong/tanga are Bottled Herbal Beverage Series, Locally made Herbal Jelly Series and Home-made Soup Series. The Group is now one of the greatest herbal tea companies in Hong Kong with more than 80 retail points, a central home for creating freshly-made well being products, a factory to get bottled tea drinks. Strung Fook New tong/tanga also runs the first herbal string store " Health Express" in MTR stations. In 2007, that launched a new concept retail store " Tea & Soup Square" to supply herbal tea beverage and soups, and also build its initial herbal tea wall socket in Shenzhen. In 08, Hung Fook Tong provides further improved its " feel-like-home" concept by the grand opening of " HFT Mall Square" in Heaven Mall. It is just a 1, 500 square feet principle store conveying leisure, lifestyle, arts, nutritious diet and life style which provides people an appropriate and healthier home.


In 2002, Hung Fook Tong was awarded " Hong Kong Top rated Brand" and " Superbrands". According to Nielsen, Installed Fook Tong was ranked the first in terms of revenue volume and sales benefit in the well being drink market for 6th consecutive years from 2003 to 08. And it has been certified by " Hong Kong Q-Mark Support Scheme" and " Quality Tourism Providers Scheme" since 2004 and 2005 respectively. Besides, Hung Fook Tong has become awarded " Caring Company" for three or more consecutive years since 2006. In 3 years ago, it became the first herbal tea brand in the region of Hong Kong and Macau to receive the honour of " National Intangible Cultural Heritage" certification by the State Authorities of Cina. In 08, Hung Fook Tong was awarded " 2008 The Best Brand Business Award (Greater China)". These types of awards are recognitions not merely for Strung Fook...



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