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Dedication of Jose Rizal's Novels:

Noli Me Toccare


Este Filibusterismo

Posted to:

Mister. Mason

(Professor in Life and Works of Rizal)

Submitted by:

Rosemarie R. Lubay

Noli Myself tangere

" In the life of human adversity, there exists etched a cancer, of the breed so malignant that the least speak to exacerbates that and stirs in that the sharpest of pains. � And therefore, many times amongst modern nationalities I have desired to evoke you, sometimes for memories of you to retain me organization, other times, to compare you with other international locations - often your beloved photo appears to me afflicted with a social cancer of identical malignancy.

Looking for your wellbeing, which is our personal, and trying to find the best remedy, I will perform with you as the ancients of aged did using their afflicted: reveal them for the steps of the temple so that each individual who would come to invoke the Keen, would suggest a cure for these people... "

El Filibusterismo

To the memory with the priests, Don Mariano Gomez (85 years old), Wear Jose Burgos (30 years old), and Don Jacinto Zamora (35 years old). Executed in Bagumbayan Field on the 28th of March, 1872. �

" The Church, by simply refusing to degrade you, has put into doubt the crime that is imputed to you; the Government, by surrounding the trials with mystery and shadows, causes the belief that there was clearly some mistake, committed in fatal occasions; and all the Philippines, by worshiping your memory and calling you martyrs, in no feeling recognizes the culpability. In so far, therefore , as your complicity in the Cavite mutiny can be not plainly proved, as you may or may not had been patriots, and since you may or may not include cherished statements for rights and for liberty, I have the right to dedicate my own work for you as patients of the bad which I take on to combat. And while all of us wait expectantly upon Italy some day to revive your good name and...



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