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 Beauty Misconception Research Paper

Amani  Mosa April.  26,  2013 English  120  -­  013 Beauty  Myth  by  Naomi  Wolf Webpage  3.  " This  embodiment  is  an  imperative  for  women  and  not  for  men,  which  situation  is  necessary  and natural  because  it  is  biological,  sexual,  and  evolutionary:  Strong  men  battle  for  beautiful  women,  and beautiful  women  are  more  reproductively  successful. ” I  found  this  quote  interesting,  but  I  didn't  understand  exactly  what  Wolf  meant  by  this. Web page  4.  " The  beauty  myth  is  not  about  women  at  all.  It  is  about  men's  institutions  and  institutional power. ” I'm  not  too  sure  what  Wolf  means  by  this  quote,  but  I  do  believe  men  have  a  huge  impact  on  how  we, women,  see  ourselves.  Men  seem  to  have  an  influence  on  women  and  how  we  tend  to  see  ourselves,  if a  guy  tells  us  we  are  " ugly”  we  would  quickly  believe  him  even  if  it's  taken  as  a  joke.  Not  all  men  tend to  be  positive,  instead  they  can  verbally  abuse  a  woman  and  make  her  feel  inferior.  This  lowers  her self-­esteem  and  makes  her  not  like  herself.  Having  such  a  negative  influence  on  a  women  can  make  her certainly not  feel  beautiful,  even  if  she  is.  In  an  episode  I  watched  on  Nip  and  Tuck,  one  of  the  surgeons  didn't want  to  have  sexual  relations  with  his  wife  because  he  no  longer  found  her  beautiful,  she  then  asked  him to  fix  her  body  in  order  for  him  to  like  her  again. Site  5.  " Since  the  Industrial  Revolution,  middle-­class  Western  women  have  been  controlled  by  ideals and  stereotypes  as  much  as  by  material  constraints. ” We  are  given  the  idea  that  a  perfect  women  actually  exist;;  she's  tall,  beautiful,  slim,  and  without  any flaws.  We  don't  realize  that  she  doesn't  exist.  Many  women  are  not  content  with  how  they  look because  they  don't  see  their  body  types  advertised  and  the  media...



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