Mindanao conflict

 Essay on Mindanao turmoil


In order to understand the Mindanao conflict you need to go back to the beginning of the 14th century, the moment arab missionaries and Oriental traders brought Islam to the primarily pagan tribes that inhabited the Philippines. In 1521, Ferdinand Magellan came to the Philippines and imposed Spanish secret just as Muslim missionaries had been converting to Islam all of the ruling people in southern Mindanao. The Spanish began a plan to try to Christianize them, phoning them contemptuously by the The spanish language name of Moro. Quickly began wars between the Muslim sultanates in the south plus the Spanish inside the north which altered with periods of uneasy tranquility. During individuals peace durations, thought, the Spanish failed to gain total control over the southern island destinations or to convert many of the regional population to Christianity because they did elsewhere in the Korea. The result was obviously a country mainly Catholic (the only one in Asia) becoming host to a conflict inside the Mindanao region, where 2/3 of the country's Muslim and overall one fourth of the populace reside.

If the United States acquired the Thailand from Spain as a result of the Spanish-American Battle of 1898, the United States commenced a advertising campaign to " civilize” and convert the Muslim people of Mindanao to Christianity. In 1903 the us created a independent " Moro” province governed by the U. S. Army in Muslim Mindanao. Although the Muslim populace had long resisted staying called within the derisory term of " Moro, ” they changed that look at and adopted the term as a symbol with their identity in resistance to colonial oppression. That they created a one identity of being " Moros” or Muslims residing about Mindanao as well as the neighboring archipelago of Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi. In 1946, after reconquering the Philippines via Japan during World War II, the usa granted the whole country independence. It is at this moment that many find the beginnings of the contemporary conflict, since the...



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