nokia stratagies

 nokia stratagies Essay

The Nokia Revolution

The storyplot of an remarkable company that transformed an industry Dan Steinbock

Presentation by:

Selina Beelaerts & Meena Mallipeddi

one particular

*Note: It must be understood the company now known as " Nokia” would not exist in the present type until the 1990s. However , intended for simplicity's benefit, we will be discussing the forerunner companies while " Nokia” as well.


• Intro

• Qualifications: Nordic Co-operation &

Nokia's Postwar Loan consolidation

• Nordic Cooperation, Nokia, & the Mobile Market

• Finnish Policies Driving Nokia's Achievement

• Different Key Market Strategies

• The Secret Code?

• Motorists of Nokia's Success

• Threats to Nokia's Achievement

• Realization




• The intercontinental business world initial recognized Nokia in the nineties, portraying this as a lucky newcomer taken from


• However , many of the advancements that made it this kind of a

achievement stemmed from decisions related to Nokia's early

ideal positioning and Nordic and EU insurance plan making

since the 1960s.

a few

Nordic Co-operation

What it is: cooperation among Denmark, Finland, Iceland,

Norway, Sweden, and the autonomous territories of

the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Aland that gives

the citizens of Nordic The european countries many testing rights

in one another's countries

The logic: the shared values, awareness, and circumstances of location, climate, language, religion,

politics, mixed economies, welfare claims, and

environmental concerns of the Nordic place.



Nordic Co-operation

It was the actual catalyst from the thriving Western european cellular

business in the early on 1990s, because the Nordic countries worked

together to advertise the fledgling cellular industry.

– Due to their harsh topography and extensively dispersed populations, the Nordic countries used an abnormally progressive frame of mind toward almost all forms of mobile communications from the beginning. In contrast to the remaining of Europe, they heavily promoted mobile use plus the development of the full spectrum of mobile technology.


Nokia's Post-war Loan consolidation

• In Finland, Nordic cooperation upon mobiles was preceded by simply Nokia's loan consolidation of the Finnish radio, tv set, and gadgets industries coming from 1945-80.

• Consolidated greatly to:

– capture better market share

– ensure its long-term competition

– cash in on distinct companies' scientific and industry strengths

• Each effective consolidation simply served to enhance Nokia's status as a key industrial player both within just and outside

Finland, to the point where it was not only capable of capture the industry when the cellular boom hit in the early 80s, yet also capable to shape this.



Nokia's Post-war Consolidation

The state of hawaii

Electric Functions







Televa Oy



The Finnish

Ropery Performs

The Finnish

Cable Works

Oy Nokia AB





Consumer electronics

Salora &




Salora Oy




Telefenno Oy

Telenokia Oy



Telefenno Oy

& Nokia


Nokia Mobira Oy







Nordic Assistance, Nokia, & the

Mobile Industry

• Nordic Assistance led to the first powerful multinational cell phone network (NMT standard)

– As NMT spread all over the world, it triggered the rapid expansion of the mobile phone sector.

• Viewing this, Nokia pushed unsuccessfully for Europe-wide NMT

• However , the continuing financial success and demands pertaining to common cell standards in the Nordic location soon became a key rider of the EU's mobile coordination efforts



Nordic Cooperation, Nokia, & the

Mobile Market

By the late 1980s, a Europe-wide cell standard come about in the form of GSM, led by Nordic marketplaces with technology

pioneered by Nokia and Ericsson.

– Nokia's market-driven strategies had already led it to summarize that GSM would...



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