North Central Texas Wilderness

 North Central Texas Desert Essay

North Central Texas may be turning to wilderness

By Teresa Watkin

In the last few years The state of texas has been drying up. According to NOAH climate maps present North Central Texas can be need of precipitation. The summer of 2011 was therefore hot and dry crazy fires demolished much of North Central The state of texas. There as being a lack of rainfall for 52 days directly. Most of the Possum Kingdom Pond area burnted up negative. Homes had been lost and a couple of medical personnel lost their particular lives too. The town of Graham was lock down and so no one could easily get in or perhaps out for two days as a result of fires. The fires had been causing dangerous fire hazards while traveling. Within a report I came across says reservoirs are drying up little by little. The past summers of 2011 and 2012 we severe circumstances for drought (

Burn up bans have been in effect for many of Texas for near 2 years now. Even at times when they are elevated, it takes a few days and they are bring back on again. I know just how everyone gets tired of hearing about global warming, nevertheless this is not shrug away. It is a significant matter than needs to be reviewed. Finding solutions is what we must be doing instead of ignoring the problem.

It wouldn't take much to solve the problem if everyone consent there is a issue. The glaciers are shedding, and Spots like Canada and Ak are used to having snow, will definitely find less because the years go by. In time ice will burn, and the property will eventually flood. Texas is just one small part of the world, nonetheless it is turning to a desert, and i also believe it is as a result of global warming. We should find approaches to rehydrate the entire world in this region by planting more trees, producing man made wetlands to help act as hydration for the air.

It might not seem like it, but recycling will help the environment and weather condition too. Not simply in Texas, but just about everywhere. In some places in Canada and the Us it is obligatory to recycling and individual you waste or you will get a citation intended for...



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