Tanglewood Example 1

 Tanglewood Example 1 Essay

Susan Freeman

Assignment 1

Feb 4, 2013

Tanglewood Stores Example

Current Environment Assessment

Due to quickly growth rate and purchasing of smaller businesses, legacy procedures are still present in HR practices among stores. Current rules and types of procedures managing the human asset need to resonant with original quest statement. Competition

The competitor list would be any company that does business in non-durable standard retail sector. Specifically, classified by the case examine has Kohl's and Focus on as competition but I do believe that Dillard's and Saks should also be listed simply because they align with operating income, number of stores and staff. All of these businesses compete intended for middle to upper income customers. Structure

The organization has a tiered hierarchy with multiple degrees of management confirming upward while keeping a participatory management design even to the department managers the capacity to create techniques for running the department. Staff

There are approximately 215 employees every store. The employees are seen as an essential property developing and maintaining the values and culture of the organization. Every employee is part of a team and encouraged to suggest operational improvements intended for the business. Financial rewards are supplied to employees with advancements that are chosen intended for implementation. Management shows that every employee is seen as a member of the core work force by offering long lasting positions more than temporary. Traditions and Values

The philosophy with the founders can be taught at orientation; " If you inform someone precisely what to do, if you're getting half an employee. Should you give someone the space to generate their own decisions, you're getting a whole person. ” Through clear and honest connection (business wellness or otherwise) plus keeping performance and customer service in forefront, leadership has offered an avenue for workers to be engaged at every...



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