The Attack simply by Aum Shinrikyo

 The Strike by Aum Shinrikyo Dissertation

The Attack simply by Aum Shinrikyo

Britt W. Gerdes

Grand Canyon University

Terrorism and Emergency Management

EMM 442

Prof. Sean Gallagher

September 30, 2010

The Assault by Aum Shinrikyo

It was March 20, 1995 and the time was 0800 hours, when the Associated with Tokyo was subjected to a terrorist work by a radical religious group. This group was Aum Shinrikyo, when ever translated mean " substantial truth”. The attack consisted of members of Aum Shinrikyo releasing dangerous gas in to the crowded subway system. This particular terrorist group did not organize the attack for politics revenge; it was an organized religious group attempting to ruin the Japanese government. By using David Parachini's risk assessment viewpoints the Japanese authorities could have avoided the assault on their people. This attack by using toxic gases during the time was the 1st large scale make use of chemical real estate agents by a terrorist group. It was estimated by government representatives that the terrorist group had expected to damage the Japanese government and catch control in the mass distress. The matched attack by Aum Shinrokyo struck five subway devices at the same time, which recorded 12 people becoming killed and an estimated 5, 000 becoming hospitalized.

So you may be wondering, how performed they do this and so easily? Well here is how the radical group conducted their business. " They put innocent-looking bouts containing chemical substances under their subway seats. Each terrorist punctured the lethal textbox just before 8: 00 a. m.; after exposure to surroundings, sarin gas clouds commenced working their particular way throughout the subway cars with quick results” (White, 2009, s. 313). To start with I want to give a little backdrop on David Parachini, so that you know and understand his perspectives. Steve Parachini presently is the overseer of the Cleverness Policy Middle at RAND Corporation. He has an education background in philosophy, international relations and advance worldwide studies. In his...

References: Dealing with Terrorism: Examining the Danger of Natural Terrorism, Cong., 9 (2001) (testimony of John Parachini).

White, T. R. (2009). Terrorism and Homeland Protection (6th male impotence. ). [Adobe Digital Edition]. doi: 1009-0001-15E7-000015E8



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