The Chinese Uncovered America

 The Chinese Discovered America Essay

The Christian Research Monitor

January 29, the year 2003, Wednesday


TOPIC: The Pinta, Santa Helen, and a Chinese junk?

BYLINE: By Amanda Paulson Staff article writer of The Christian Science Monitor A new publication claims the Chinese uncovered America in 1421, nevertheless historians refute thesis. To the Norsemen, japan, and the Carthaginians; to the Irish, the Africans, and a long list of others who, it is stated, crossed the oceans to America a long time before 1492, add one more: the Chinese. They will toured up and down both shorelines of the Unites states, established colonies, made roadmaps, and left behind chickens. That, at least, is the theory posed by past British naval officer and amateur historian Gavin Menzies. What is surprising is not so much the promises themselves but the buzz they already have created in popular tradition both here and in The uk - specifically given that couple of professionals in the field find his case effective. Mr. Menzies's book, " 1421: The Year China Learned America, " has offered more than 75, 000 replications since it hit British cabinets in Oct. It debuted in the US without. 8 around the New York Moments bestseller list earlier in may. Mr. Menzies, who apparently received a great $ 800, 000 progress from Bantam, has appeared on TV and radio. She has been profiled in the New York Times publication. A PBS documentary can be close lurking behind. " Your dog is come up with a history people wish to believe in, " marvels Gillian Hutchinson, curator of cartography by London's Countrywide Maritime Art gallery who noticed Menzies offer a lecture last spring on the Royal Geographic Society. " There was nearly a religious veneracion in the market. " That isn't the first time an account of colonial discovery features captured the widely used imagination. Thor Heyerdahl's 1950 book " Kon-Tiki" believed that historical Peruvians crossed the Pacific by raft - and documented his own make an effort to emulate them. Then there is Harvard sea biologist Craig Fell, who also translated scratches on dirt as ogham script, professing evidence of Oriental,...



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